The Renzulli Learning System is now available to all K-8 TAG students, their parents and TAG teachers!

The Renzulli Learning System (RLS) is an on-line program that matches students' interests and learning profiles to high-quality instructional activities and materials. Its main goal is to provide students with experiences that help them enjoy the process of learning through personal engagement. In the RLS, an individual Talent Development Profile is created for each student. An individualized Enrichment Database matches Internet and downloadable resources and activities to student interests, learning styles, and preferred modes of expression. Access to RLS is available to all K-8 TAG students, their parents, and TAG teachers.

For more information check out the following presentation about Renzulli in a PDF or Power Point format.

The University of Connecticut is the home of the Neag Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development. Visiting the site you can learn more about the research behind the Renzulli Learning System and the researchers who have developed it.

Learn more about Renzulli's role in the education of K-12.

To access the system, go to the Renzulli website.